keythe farley throws radio

"Hang Your Dog In The Wind" is a feature film that
I completed way back in 1997.

derya duvall, steve wilcox

It was my first film.

keythe farley atop astrid santic

It follows some friends as they consider the
recent mental breakdown of one member of their group.

keythe farley

The cast includes Keythe Farley, above.

derya duval, astrid santic

Derya Duval and Astrid Santic,

david james

David James,

steve wilcox

Steve Wilcox (with rat),

Nick Marshall

and Nick Marshall, who spends much of the
film stark naked.

david james

The group of friends decides to go find Nick,
who has fled to a trailer in the desert outside
Los Angeles.

David James and Keythe Farley

I would tell you more about the plot, but I
forgot to write one.

Derya Duval, Astrid Santic, Nick Marshall


Derya Duval

If you look at these pictures and imagine your
own story, that might be best for all concerned.


It was a very pretty desert.

keythe farley aside astrid santic

The music for the film was composed by
Charles Dayton and E. Shepherd Stevenson.

keythe farley, david james

The costume designer was Ann Closs-Farley, and
the director of photography was Cynthia Webster.

Nick Marshall and Keythe Farley

The DVD was going to be released in Canada, but then
the company that was going to release it went
out of business.


It won a Special Jury Prize at the Florida Film Festival
in 1997, and the one-time festival Slumdance
was created originally as a promotional
vehicle for "Hang Your Dog In The Wind."


But Slumdance went on to become much more.

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