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Sue Me, Asshole

The new book from Fair Use Press

This book's title is aimed at California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as his attorney, Martin D. Singer. Recently Singer threatened to sue Todd Bosley, the maker of a bobble-head caricature of the governor, for infringing on Schwarzenegger's "publicity" rights. Yes, you read that right: Singer and Schwarzenegger feel that the California governor is the first politician in history to be immune from caricature.

Additionally, Martin Singer even claims a copyright on the letter he sent to Bosley. In other words, not only is it forbidden to criticize the governor via caricature, but also one is not even allowed to expose the vicious tone of the threat letters Governor Schwarzenegger employs to enforce that moratorium.

In his letter, Singer claims that Bosley's creation of the bobble-head doll is "outrageous" and "malicious." Well, we here at Fair Use Press think that Singer needs to learn what outrageous really is. In accordance with our mission to "ridicule, shame and attack those who attempt to subvert the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution," we viciously offer our second book: Sue Me, Asshole. In addition to an appropriately shaming picture of Arnold on the cover, it contains all three pages of Singer's copyright-protected threat letter.

Please buy a copy of this humiliating mini e-book (all net proceeds will go toward further advertisement). Print it out and display it proudly on your coffee table. Pass it around via email. Put it on your blog. Make Martin Singer's tactics explode in his red face. And help expose Arnold Schwarzenegger for what he really is: A big bully with a tiny, little penis.

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High quality e-book (.PDF), full-size color cover
2.5 MB, 11 pages, 300dpi
Suitable for printing, framing
$1 suggested donation

Click on Arnold's little penis!

Same pages, small PDF, small B&W cover
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Not suitable for printing

Download low-rez version for free...

(Quality Warning: The 3-page Singer letter is significantly sharper in the 300 dpi version than the 72 dpi version, but is nonetheless a reproduction from a relatively low-resolution copy. The eight other pages are of high quality. DRM: Neither version is disabled by any digital-restrictions-management technology. Penis: Smallness of penis enhanced with Photoshop. So sue us. Your Donation: Brian Flemming, who put together this book, will be giving regular updates about the advertising campaign on his weblog, so you can track how funds are being spent and offer your creative input on the campaign. The more generous you are, the more Arnold will be ridiculed. Give.)




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The mission of Fair Use Press is to publish works of comment, criticism and parody that ridicule, shame and attack those who attempt to subvert the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Fair Use Press believes that intellectual-property laws currently are being abused by powerful corporations and individuals as a means of coercion and control, to the detriment of our political and cultural dialogue. The publisher intends to continue subjecting these corporations and individuals to scathing mockery and critique.

Fair Use Press is located in the historic Westlake district of Los Angeles.

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