August 29, 2006

They Taketh And They Taketh

Monday Morning
4:20 AM Central Standard: Driving from Oswego, IL to Midway Airport, Chicago. Two hours bad sleep.

5:10 AM: Overshoot the last gas station before Midway

5:15 AM: Fillup

5:25 AM: Car is returned and I am heading into terminal, no caffeine.

5:30 AM: Walk up to baggage check and I hear, "hope you're not expecting to check that." Yes, I am, I say, confused that I am the only one in line and the two clerks are standing there twiddling their thumbs. "Are you on the flight to Denver?" I say I am and he tells me, "Cutoff time is 45 minutes before flight departure, you missed it." It's not till many minutes later in a caffeine-less haze and a few "you gotta be kidding me's" and his several shoulder shrugs before I realize that it was only a five minute f-ing difference. Five minutes that I cost myself after missing the route 126 curve and the gas station.

5:37 AM: I am standing in Security with a TSA agent watching him pull 150 dollars worth of creams and toners and toothpaste and mascara and hair product out of my bag. He decides to leave me the last few drops of eyedrops which I will obviously need later.

6 AM Mountain Time: I am changing planes in Denver and because the airbus is so small and the overhead bins are so small they tell me I need to check my bag.

10 AM Pacific Time: I am looking over my mail and see that I have received a screw your financial hardship plea it's too damn bad that you will leave your clients high and dry and make zero money for however long mandatory summons for jury duty.

12 PM: Out walking some dogs and picking up shit and thinking what my father always used to say when things were screwed up - I got a turd in every pocket.


3:45 PM: Found a Chinese silk floor-length robe at the Cancer Society Thrift Store for $15. With really big pockets.

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