August 29, 2004

Opening Night

Hollywood Hell House opened Saturday night to a soldout crowd. They added two tours to total 14 to accommodate the masses.

-a demon tour guide-

Pastor Keenan Roberts, the creator of Hellhouse was there, looking stoic but overwhelmed. His cronies however, could not hide their sneers and disapproval. Word on the street was that there was a reporter from a Dallas paper that was out for blood, so to speak.

-Jonathan Schmock(demon tour guide) & Claudia Lonow(abortion girl)-

Maggie, the producer of Hollywood Hell House was hardly fazed, the New York Times having just featured an expose' on the show in Saturday/Sunday's paper.

Besides which, it is an apparent fact that Pastor Roberts is a media whore, and deep down knows any publicity is good publicity. And there can be no argument that Maggie's troupe of sinners is going word for word from his script.

Bill Maher showed up just in time to get "into character" and play Satan for about six of the fourteen tours.

While I had a photo session with Satan and Jesus (Andy Richter), Bill said that if he had to choose just one topic to cover and discuss for the rest of his career, it would be religion. I think it's possible if that were to happen he would never run out of things to say, besides which it would still encompass politics which has been his soapbox for a decade now. Needless to say, he made a good Satan.

When I was leaving the venue, Pastor Roberts was driving off in his convertible rental car. (When in Rome) He called out to me, in his very monotone utterance, "Did you get some good shots?" I replied that I did and as he left the lot, he said, "Make me proud!"

-Pastor Roberts and the Demon Tour Guides-

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