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the god who wasn't there
My most recent film, The God Who Wasn't There, is available on DVD at the official site and elsewhere.

the god who wasn't there
Bat Boy: The Musical is currently being staged in productions of various sizes around the world. A movie adaptation directed by John Landis is in development, with no casting announced or shooting date set.

My next feature film, Danielle, remains in development.

nothing so strange
Bill Gates is still dead.


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December 2003

Los Angeles on New Year's Eve... I head out to par-tay. My hope is that this view will still exist on New Year's Day....
December 31, 2003

"Nothing So Strange" reviews
It ain't braggin' if it's true. Three recent reviews of "Nothing So Strange" in the blogosphere. Aaron Swartz: Nothing So Strange is an excellent movie on numerous levels. On one level, it's a straightforward documentary of one groupís attempt to...
December 30, 2003

Wikipedia needs help
Looks like Wikipedia, the amazing free encyclopedia, is getting hit with the success tax. They're asking for donations. You can help them out here. (Via Lessig.)...
December 28, 2003

Blog for America: When Up is Down, and Hope is Pessimism Atrios senses a new meme emerging from the right-wing punditocracy, based on this morning's New York Times article on how the Bush campaign plans to distort what it is...
December 27, 2003

Alternate cover
From the Museum of Stupidity....
December 23, 2003

John Cameron Mitchell, writer/star of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and creator of the upcoming Untitled Sex Project, does a best-of-the-year list for indieWIRE and mentions this film: "Tarnation" A new kind of documentary made completely on Apple's I-movie for...
December 23, 2003

The Diva
Mac Diva is totally flirting with me. She called me a "hottie" once, and a few other nice things, and now she calls me "smart and attractive." She thinks I don't notice. But I do. Oh, I do....
December 20, 2003

The return of Gray Davis
It might have been chaotic and divisive, but at least the recall election had one bright spot: The state of California got rid of a money-grubbing governor who cravenly traded access for campaign donations. Oh, wait. Scratch that: A Skybox...
December 19, 2003

But- but- I go to Harvard!
From a friend who works in the Harvard Health Services department: [...] I'm sure you've heard, but there is a nation-wide flu vaccine shortage, and for a while Harvard seemed to be the only place in Massachusetts not affected.† Of...
December 19, 2003

G**gle bombing
I try not to mention the words "G**gle bombing" in my posts that contribute to a bomb, because if G**gle is smart, they will start giving lower weight to pages that mention this term in close proximity to another term...
December 18, 2003

Miserable failure
I just want to add, in a separate entry, miserable failure. Because G**gle pays a lot of attention to the titles of pages, and titles of posts become titles of pages in MT blogs. So this will help....
December 18, 2003

Astounding incompetence
Even though he might be sore at me because of my Clark comments, I gotta help out Mark Kleiman. Astounding incompetence and miserable failure are blar-de-blardy-blar. You heard it here first. Also, I just want to say, santorum. Don't click...
December 18, 2003

Kids Corner
Don't do this to your child. (Thanks,
December 18, 2003

Kucinich admits: "The votes aren't there"
Good interview with Dennis Kucinich in Salon (get a subscription, cheapskate). One particular statement stuck out, though. Kucinich was asked whether he supported the impeachment of President Bush. He responded (emphasis mine): First of all, as a matter of practical...
December 17, 2003

We captured an old man in a hole!
Oh, forgot to mention this. Blogcritics piece: "We captured an old man in a hole!"...
December 17, 2003

Thomas Kean: 9-11 was preventable
The Blog for America tips us off to this CBS News story: For the first time, the chairman of the independent commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks is saying publicly that 9/11 could have and should have been prevented.... "This...
December 17, 2003

surlymonkey lives up to her name: Ummm...I'm a girl?...and I, uh, like to have abortions?...and I take a morning after pill every day for breakfast because they're available over the counter? Because basically, I'm a whore?...and I'm too stupid to...
December 17, 2003

In other words, "true"?
In his latest press conference, President Bush called the notion that he had advance knowledge of an impending terrorist attack some time before 9-11 an "absurd insinuation." White House spokesman Scott McClellan in September said the accusation that Karl Rove...
December 17, 2003

Fished in
Elizabeth Spiers, author of New York magazine's The Kicker blog, got fished in by this "Reuters" story: Madonna, Queen of Reinvention, has her new sights set on academic study and becoming Dr. Madonna...Madonna wants to get her PhD in critical...
December 16, 2003

"I did not have foreign relations with that man, Mr. Hussein"
A piece by me at Blogcritics: Will Saddam Hussein be tried by his former accomplices? Natalie Davis on death: "World Going Blind?...
December 16, 2003

"Our national deer caught in the national headlights"
For one of the productions of a play I co-wrote, Bat Boy: The Musical, there was a performer who got an audition as a courtesy--he was connected to a potential investor, and he wanted to be an actor, so he...
December 15, 2003

Howard Dean L.A. news
Howard is in da house. The House of Blues, that is. That's what I would write if I were a hack publicist. Still, if you're in L.A., Governor Dean is here today. And there's another interesting event Wednesday, and L.A....
December 15, 2003

Pretty please?
Dear Wes Clark supporters, Will you please--pretty please?--reign in the vitriol and hyperbole just a bit when you attack Howard Dean? If Clark and Dean are running mates, in whatever order, you and I will be at the same MeetUps....
December 13, 2003

Movie that skyline
A photo I recently took of the L.A. skyline is garnering some pithy remarks over at Buzznet....
December 13, 2003

While messing around with the other software I mention below, I found out how to add Haloscan comments to this blog. So comment. Come out of the woodwork and comment. UPDATE: Looks like my enthusiasm was premature. Turns out the...
December 13, 2003

Blog makeover coming
I've been fooling around with iBlog, which I got free from .Mac. It can't do nearly as much as Movable Type, but I like it much better anyway. It has the familiar iTunes-style interface, it requires no installation of complex...
December 13, 2003

Music as agreement
Douglas Rushkoff, whose book Coercion was partly the inspiration for a couple parodic Split Screen segments that Keythe Farley and I made, has some interesting thoughts on playing music live: Playing a particularly intense organ section last night, I felt...
December 13, 2003

Anonymous Democrats attack Dean
The Democratic circular firing squad cocks the rifles and fires again. Blog for America: On Thursday, the New York Times reported that George Bush would begin attacking us in January. We already know from the RNC ad in Iowa and...
December 13, 2003

Microcinema International sends me this press release: San Francisco, CA ñ December 12, 2003 - Microcinema International is announcing the launch of its own independent DVD label and distribution catalog featuring compilations of international short film, video and moving image...
December 12, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger is dead
I haven't been writing about Governor Gangbang all that much, because most everything that's happening is so predictable. The people of California were stupid enough to believe Arnie's outrageous promises, which he obviously couldn't keep, and now it's turning out...
December 12, 2003

December 11, 2003

View from my window
About 10 minutes ago....
December 11, 2003

Children are evil and must be stopped, Episode 1349
Come on already with the sex bracelets: [...] Elizabeth Cooke, a fourth-grade teacher in Baltimore County, says she was surprised when a fifth-grader told her the bracelets had "secret meanings ó one being, if someone broke one it meant you...
December 11, 2003

Political Wire on 2004
Taegan Goddard writes... As Howard Dean emerges as the front-runner in the Democratic race for president, many Republicans think he's the easiest candidate for President Bush to defeat. The New York Times says "Republicans have been longing for a Bush-Dean...
December 11, 2003

"He'll glock a cap through your shizznack"
Bat Boy: The MusicalMan oh man, but do some people really love their Bat Boys. Thanks, Fred, for one of the best reviews of Bat Boy I've read. (Warning: Spoiler at the end.) Plus those pictures suggest it's one of the bloodiest productions ever. Quite an achievement.
December 10, 2003 on Madonna
At a book reading in Westwood, Madonna teaches children a valuable lesson about those lying fucking fucks in the fucking media who always fucking lie and they should just shut the fuck up, those fucks....
December 10, 2003

Thoughts on the MPAA rating system
The Motion Picture Association of America is, by and large, a malignant force in our culture, truly an enemy of freedom. However one thing I think they do right is the rating system. It is popular among indie types to...
December 10, 2003

Are you a true progressive?
Natalie Davis points to a calculator that will tell you what kind of a progressive you are. Here is my result: You're like Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader -- oneof the few, the proud, the truly progressive.You believe in peace...
December 09, 2003

Copyright reform
Ampersand at Alas, A Blog, consistently has well thought-out opinions on a wide array of topics. Today, some compelling thoughts on "really radical copyright reform."...
December 09, 2003

Bat Boy in Houston review
No fewer than two members of the Houston cast of Bat Boy have written to tell me about the great review they got from the Houston Chronicle. Both are mentioned in this excerpt: Kara Greenberg gives a polished and witty...
December 09, 2003

Raving Atheist, on a roll
"The secular counterpart to religious reasoning is insanity..."
December 09, 2003

Female ass not as popular as you'd think
I'm not getting terribly many hits from this. Female ass is not quite as popular as I would have predicted. (And, yes, the only reason I wrote this entry was to prop up my page's Google ranking for female ass...
December 08, 2003

"A killing floor chronicle"
L.A. Times: PINE RIDGE, Ark. ó In his dim trailer in the pines, Virgil Butler writes of killing. He once shot a man to death in the parking lot of a bar. He served in the American invasion of Panama...
December 08, 2003

I'm totally gonna crash this event. Easy pickins, knowwhatImean, knowwhatImean?...
December 07, 2003

"Maybe the world can actually work together"
Happened to run across this old L.A. Times story from September 18, 2001. It's about people who for one reason or another were away from news media on September 11 and didn't hear about the attacks for some time. The...
December 07, 2003

Mickey Kaus refined
"He sat three rows behind me for one of the best Springsteen shows I've ever been to, and spent the entire concert sitting, looking like he was taking a painful dump."
December 06, 2003

American Samizdat
I will be occasionally posting to the group blog American Samizdat, by the kind invitation of Dr. Menlo....
December 06, 2003

Mark Cade
Mark Cade of "Nothing So Strange" fame wants you to know that he has set a big goal for the AIDS ride....
December 06, 2003

Kerry Butler
Wow. If you feel like getting chills, go check out Kerry Butler singing "Somewhere That's Green" and "Suddenly Seymour" in the TV clips at her official site. Kerry played Shelley in the Off-Broadway Bat Boy. Looks like she owns this...
December 06, 2003

Bombs, not camcorders!
The priorities of Los Angeles law enforcement are clearly in order. L.A. Times: Coming soon to a theater near you: Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton and Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, handcuffs at the ready for camcorder-wielding...
December 05, 2003

First, there's Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum. And then there's santorum. If you are unfamiliar with "santorum," do NOT follow that link unless you want to get really grossed out. I mean it. I'm just trying to do my part to...
December 05, 2003

Club for Growth attacks Howard Dean, gets hit back twice as hard
The zealous right-wing group Club for Growth has spent $100,000 to run an attack ad on Howard Dean in Iowa and New Hampshire. Now, the Blog for America strikes back. Early this morning Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi called for...
December 05, 2003

Another milestone
A very big day for Brian Flemming's Weblog. This weblog now turns up among the top ten results on a Google search for "the female ass." Please, no gifts or flowers. Just wanted to mark the milestone....
December 04, 2003

Cinema minima has a tribe
Cinema minima has a tribe you can join. Actually, it's been there a while. I don't know how I missed it. I haven't explored much yet, as you can tell by my pathetically small number of friends (neither of...
December 04, 2003

The Paula Carmicino sex video
Oh my God! A student filmmaker intends to shoot graphic sex! Also, the sun rose in the east this morning! Because NYU junior Paula Carmicino planned to become the 112,472nd film student to shoot naked people doin' it, New York...
December 04, 2003

New L.A. blog
Go say hi to the new blog in L.A., They have some good writers listed up top, including Nancy Rommelmann, who way back when wrote the great L.A. Weekly piece on Bruce Willis that sparked that whole episode in...
December 03, 2003

Mickey Kaus defined
The very definition of Mickey Kaus.
December 03, 2003

Vanity Fair photo of Valerie Plame
See the Vanity Fair photograph of Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson.
December 03, 2003

Marley's Ghost -- get tickets now
Wow. Keythe's getting great reviews in the play he's in. If you're in L.A., Keythe writes: One more reminder to get your tickets now for MARLEY'S GHOST. There are only eight performances left, and the shows are selling out quickly....
December 03, 2003

The Da Vinci Code: The Musical
Conspiracy has been the theme in my life lately. I don't know why I am so compelled by conspiracy theories (even when I believe they have almost no facts to back them up), but I am. Over the holiday, I...
December 02, 2003