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My most recent film, The God Who Wasn't There, is available on DVD at the official site and elsewhere.

the god who wasn't there
Bat Boy: The Musical is currently being staged in productions of various sizes around the world. A movie adaptation directed by John Landis is in development, with no casting announced or shooting date set.

My next feature film, Danielle, remains in development.

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Since I have real work to do, dammit, I haven't been able to follow this LG15 stuff nearly as much as I would like. But one conclusion I have reached is that there's a reasonable chance I'm an asshole. If...

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August 29, 2006

Brian Flemming is possibly an asshole

Since I have real work to do, dammit, I haven't been able to follow this LG15 stuff nearly as much as I would like. But one conclusion I have reached is that there's a reasonable chance I'm an asshole.

If this whole thing turns out to be the work of a young and ambitious theater troupe or even high-school students (i.e., something like Jon Fine suggests), well, then my previous criticism seems a bit harsh. When I realized that LG15 was a hoax, my first thought, actually my only thought, was that this had to be a piece of viral marketing put on by a corporation trying to sell products to teens (this kind of thing usually is). So, naturally, the gloves were off. No need to worry about hurting the feelings of, say, the Target corporation. My toaster broke the day after the warranty expired, so they have it coming.

But what if I took the gloves off and beat up an innocent 16-year-old girl? I can tell you from experience, people look at you funny when you do that.

LG15 is of course a fake, in that it's pretending to be something that it's not. And if LG15 is a $1M corporate promotion, it's weak. But if it's one of the first projects put on by some young upstarts with limited resources, it's a damn impressive debut.

So, provisionally, I am an asshole, and I wanted to be the first to say it. (Er, with regard to this matter. I'm certainly not the first person to call me an asshole in general. Hi, Mom!)

Note to emailers who popped some Xanax with Virginia Heffernan and don't want to come down: Sorry, I can't explain every single coincidence you intrepid young sleuthers have found. Just don't have the time. But here are some relevant facts:

1. "Daniel" and "Beast" are not an unusual pairing. According to the Good Book, the Antichrist is supposed to come from the tribe of Daniel. Anyone riffing on Bible mythology might use the two terms together.

2. Bat Boy was not a hoax. We made a musical out of a character who was created by the Weekly World News in 1992. Even the WWN editors acknowledge in interviews that their paper is fake. Nobody who sees Bat Boy thinks the character actually exists. And if anyone does, tell them for me that I think they're retarded.

3. I'm not an occultist or Satanist or religionist in any way, so I'd have no motivation to introduce people to my Lord and Master Aleister Crowley. For the record, all that religion stuff is bullshit, and you shouldn't pollute your mind with it. Just say no. Save the planet. If your parents make you hail Satan or praise the zombie Jesus, tell them for me that I think they're retarded.

4. I've never lied to a reporter about any of my projects. If my LG15 denial is false, the truth will come out eventually, and I'd have thrown away my credibility. And for what? A publicity stunt on YouTube? No way. When I trash my career, the casus will at least be a meltdown on Oprah, or a disturbing revelation about my private life, or a woman who's no good but I just can't see it. Something appropriate. It won't be a lie about YouTube.

I am not involved.