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My most recent film, The God Who Wasn't There, is available on DVD at the official site and elsewhere.

the god who wasn't there
Bat Boy: The Musical is currently being staged in productions of various sizes around the world. A movie adaptation directed by John Landis is in development, with no casting announced or shooting date set.

My next feature film, Danielle, remains in development.

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It looks like a throwaway joke I made here on this blog has been interpreted by some as a veiled claim that I am actually involved with the lonelygirl15 project. The joke in context: Adapting the epistolary novel form to...

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August 28, 2006

I am not involved at all

It looks like a throwaway joke I made here on this blog has been interpreted by some as a veiled claim that I am actually involved with the lonelygirl15 project. The joke in context:

Adapting the epistolary novel form to YouTube still has some promise, however. I'm certainly ready to be fooled by another one. Or perhaps to perpetrate one.

Unless I really did perpetrate this one and I'm just trying to distance myself from it because it's now failing.

Just kidding.

You know me. I'd never try to fool anybody like that.

Oops. In my defense, I don't make a habit of trying to fool anyone with my projects. Nothing So Strange didn't actually try to hoax anybody. When the project caused a downturn in the South Korean stock market, that was because someone else hijacked the storyline and made their own web page, which did try to hoax people. Nothing So Strange and Bat Boy deal with alternate worlds and demand suspension of disbelief, but they aren't hoaxes in any meaningful sense of the word.

So, I thought that throwaway joke would have enough context. Or, rather, I never thought it would be read in a context that cast it as an actual confession*.

To be clear: I am not involved in any way in LG15, other than as an outside observer. I have no connection to Bree or Daniel or any other performers or creators of the LG15 phenomenon. When I made the comment, I had no intention of soliciting the speculation that has resulted, and I am surprised to see that it happened. Frankly, the last thing I want is publicity for Danielle when it's far too early for it to do any good for the project. That's why I'm trying to be an unequivocal as I can be about this: I am not involved in any way. Absolutely no involvement whatsoever.

Would this be a good time to mention that principal photography on Danielle hasn't even begun yet? No, money isn't the problem. Casting is. You can see on the IMDb page that some roles have been cast, but we haven't found the right Danielle yet. (And don't think it hasn't crossed my mind that Bree could be a potentially good Danielle. But also don't read anything into that, please.) I'm not going to go into production until I'm sure we have the right performer for the lead role. That's why there is no release date for the film. (And it definitely won't be November 2006. I don't know where that rumor came from.)

*Sometimes I forget that people who don't know me read this blog. I've always considered it a personal weblog, one where I toss any stray thoughts I might be having, and posts links that friends send me via email. I rarely vet the things I write here the way I would if they were being published on a "real" blog that's actually intended for mass consumption.