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the god who wasn't there
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"Nothing So Strange" is running Blogads to promote the DVD release. Because I actually know what a blog is, I have been put in charge of this particular portion of the ad campaign. It's an awesome responsibility. I had lunch...

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February 11, 2004

Blogads are fun

"Nothing So Strange" is running Blogads to promote the DVD release. Because I actually know what a blog is, I have been put in charge of this particular portion of the ad campaign. It's an awesome responsibility.

I had lunch with Blogads proprietor Henry Copeland this weekend, and he gave me some excellent advice on running the campaign. Henry told me not to try to communicate too much information with the ad, as tempting as that might be. Don't underestimate the 'wtf?' aspect, he said. So I'm trying to create simple ads that create curiosity. Nothing So Strange has a densely packed website, so there's no reason not to let the website do the work.

Henry recommended on his blog a few weeks back to "update your ad text and image often," but he didn't need to tell me that. I know from reading blogs all the time that I get used to the layout of each blog and habitually tune out all the familiar clutter at the edges. Only when something changes do I notice.

So I've run five different ads in the past two days. I figure over there at CalPundit, lots of his visits are from people coming back two, three, four times a day, as Kevin Drum is all over this breaking Bush AWOL story like George W. Bush on a Shiner Bock. So why not hit those readers with new images? It works, too--the click-through rate climbed back up with each new ad.

Wait...I'm sorry...didn't you say you wanted to hear me prattle on about advertising strategies and click-through rates? You didn't? Oh, sorry. Well, that's what I feel like writing about right now, so I think you might be s.o.l. Tony Pierce is selling his afro, why don't you go bid on it? Bye!

I'm so glad they're gone. Back to the ad campaign: I also hijacked the "Nothing So Strange" blogvertising campaign for my own purposes today. I really wanted to transmit the "Has President Bush had plastic surgery on his nose?" story out there into the mainstream media (a boy can dream, can't he?), so I made an ad linking to the story below and ran it for a couple hours in the afternoon. This was the image:

Hee hee. This is what happens when you entrust me with your advertising campaign. So people who came to, say, Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo today saw that ad for awhile. While Josh was busy working on an important story, I was busy trying to grab his readers' eyeballs and guide them to a frivolous story. Ha ha!

Oh, wait, when you put it like that it doesn't sound so good. Whatever. My dream that one of the influential people who reads TPM or CalPundit would see the ad in those two hours and then announce a major investigation into George W. Bush's nose did not transpire. Damn liberal media. (For the record, I have launched similar investigations of myself here and here.)

Anyway, people are clicking, the BitPass thingamajig is working like clockwork (BitPass rules!), and the order-fulfillment place in Ohio is loading the pallettes of DVDs off a truck right now to start shipping them out one by one.

If you get the DVD, be sure to take notes on how you would remake the movie, because, maybe you didn't know this, but you can.